Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wat ist dat?

Hallo Leute,
Another week gone and more miracles to report:) We met a guy last week named Ali and we got to meet this week with him and oh my goodness! He's the funniest guy ever,   (Elder Burch
says hi, I stole Sister Farner's tablet while she is minigolfing right now) he told us he thought he needed to wait until was old to talk to people about his beliefs and such and he saw us and was so surprised and want to go on a mission like us too! We had to explain to him that he needed to be baptized and follow some commandments but he seriously couldn't stop asking questions! I've never met someone so open to learning in my entire life! We get to meet with him tomorrow and I'm so excited!!
We had Zone Conference this week and Sister Catherall and I got to give a presentation on "talking with everyone"! Something we've been pretty passionate about this transfer. It's really great to be able to work with all the missionaries and help them with their work!

I went on two splits with brand new sisters, Sister Richards and Sister Weigeshoff and it's amazing how willing they are to improve and get better and how patient they are with learning German. I was honking back when I was being trained...haha definitely didn't have the patience that they have. It was weird that they were looking up to me as someone old on the mission because I feel like I just got out!

We had another lesson with Elena and she's having a hard time knowing if Joseph Smith really was a Prophet and if he actually saw God and Jesus Christ. The member that was helping us with the lesson defined faith in a way I've never thought before. He said that when we have faith and we say that we know God is real it doesn't mean that we've necessarily seen Him, but that when we have experiences with God and we change because of them we know for a surety that we have changed because of those experiences. I hope that makes sense haha sometimes it's hard for me to write it all out haha. But when we read the scriptures, come to church and pray we build our faith and we become changed people because of it therefore we become evidence of the truth ourselves.

Have a great week and keep improving:)

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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