Saturday, December 16, 2017

Noch nicht fertig!

Hallo Leute,

After being coached by the elders and sisters in my Distrikt about what to write they helped me see to write exactly what I'm feeling. And honestly I don't know! I feel happy, sad, stressed, excited,
worried, relieved, confused....and more.... hahaha I'm grateful for the last 18 or so months.
The MTC Distrikt sisters

The MTC Distrikt

This week we have had a lot of goodbye appointments which are literally the worse I need to stop crying, not kidding you, I need to drink more water because of how dehydrated I am due to the tears­čśé
I know that I've done my best and I know that I wouldn't have done it without the Lord. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and each and everyone of His children. Im grateful to be able to experience that love He has for His children as I've talked and taught and been taught by them. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. And that he is my perfect best friend(in the words of our investigator, Fiona) He knows me, He has carried me and He has shown me a better way of being. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church established once again on the earth through a Prophet, Joseph Smith and that the fullness of the gospel is in it. I'm grateful for the testimony the Lord has blessed me with. I'm still learning and still becoming but I've come to see the person God wants me to become and I'm grateful for that.
I wish I could literally explain everything in this email but it'd get pretty long. But know that this experience has changed my life(cheesy I know) and I'm excited to keep spreading the gospel when I am home!

Liebe Gr├╝├če
Sister Farner

All my comps still out in the field

Sis Lekic


I got to drive for a few days in Michelstadt!

Celina and us being trees

Friday, December 8, 2017

Bis ans Ende

Hallooooo Leute,

I love Christmas time! Last week we were able to be apart of so many fun Christmas traditions including the Weihnachtsmarkt in the church.
It was so cool!! We sang, and it ended up not being so bad because it was super loud (people chatting) and we were just supposed to be the background noise:) So yes we all stressed for no reason. A member gave me an elf hat to wear and it was apparently super funny and people on Sunday asked me where I put meine M├╝tze.
After singing with our elf hats
We had a few members bring their friends over to our stand and we got to pass a few Books of Mormon out and the elders are now meeting with one of the members coworkers!
We have been really stressing to our investigators the importance of the Holy Ghost and how through the Holy Ghost we receive answers to our questions and confirm gospel truths. It's been awesome to see how the light turns on in their heads as they remember the feelings and thoughts that have come into their minds as we have met with them.
In D&C 11:13 it says:
13 ​Verily, verily, I say unto you, I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall ​​​enlighten​ your ​​​mind​, which shall fill your soul with ​​​joy​;
And that's what we are promised by the Lord, without the Spirit, we would have no idea about any of the gospel, or we just wouldn't understand it fully!

Kind of glad to only have to send one more weekly email hahah:) But sad that my mission is coming to the Ende. There really is nothing like it:)

Liebe Gr├╝├če 
Sister Farner
Sis Racca and I ended up meeting a woman married to a Serbian arm wrestler and so we got invited into their cafe and there were these huge dudes and one made us napkin roses haha

Our Charlie Brown tree Sister D brought home
Went to lunch at a members house from Ecuador....she only spoke Spanish to us...
IT SNOWEDDDDDD, but the next day it went away...Dana and us

Got a free hand knitted hat from a member

Weihnachtsmarkt in Michelstadt

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hallo Leute:)
Sister Fernelius and I after running around a village for an hour:) we
legit ran from door to door...
Another week gone by and 1,000 more pieces of Lebkuchen eaten...Christmas time is the best time! Partially because of all the good Christmas treats and also because of the Christmas Spirit that's being spread around! We have a Christmas market in our church on Saturday so the wards been pretty busy preparing themselves for it and they've asked us to sing...I told a member I don't sing, I play sports, and she said "well Sister Farner now that you are on a mission, it's your time to get good at singing because you can't play sports all the time!" So stay tuned for how that is going to go..
We helped the Warnckes decorate their apartment:)
We went to Heidelberg for a split with Sister Jensen and Sister Weiler. Sister Jensen and I had a real good time hahah we had just finished teaching their investigator and had left her apartment when we saw a guy walking by so we yelled to him and started talking and he's like cool come with me so we get to his apartment, he opens the door and there is like 20 guys from Gambia there and we are like.....okay we can't stay but we can come back later to share a message and so we got his contact info and a few of his friends were interested too. Hahah just a weird experience.
Heidelberg Sisters
But what was even cooler was that someone called our phone when we were back in the apartment and I answered and this guy said, hey we met at the train station and you asked me what made me happy and I have been studying about our spirits and us and was focusing on how I felt when you talked with me and I was overcome with peace and I just want to see who you are? {Side note: I remembered talking to him and then Sister Jensen yelling to me to catch the bus so we didn't finish our conversation and I just quickly handed him our card and ran away. So I suspect that was weird for him...but he ended up calling because of it!} Back to the story...I explained to him the Holy Ghost and the Godhead and he said that we should me the next day. But unfortunately he was really busy and I let him know I was going back to Darmstadt and so now we are Facebook friends and I hope that he can start meeting with the missionaries! It's super cool to see what a good attitude brings other people. It can be easy to turn into a robot when talking to people but as we really care about their lives and are genuinely interested, the Spirit can manifest to them the reality of our Message.
My mission just keeps getting better and better:)

Liebe Gr├╝├če
Sister Farner

(Email title courtesy of Sister Dixon learning German:))

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Erntedankfest T. 2

Hallo Leute!
Kay's Thanksgiving feast
What a wonderful day today! We of course were blessed to have the Kays make us a Thanksgiving feast! We all shared one thing that we were thankful for excluding the typical things like family, food, etc. Our district is the best and ya glad to be serving with such great missionaries.

We hit the town Center on Saturday and were out talking to people by our street display for like 5 hours! It was seriously so fun!!!!! I mean it was a little cold but it was totally worth it and we got to
get a few cool appointments set up. I seriously love being able to just talk to so many people about the gospel. 

The Michelstadt sisters came up on Friday and we were able to get to all 7 people and the lessons all worked out. It was really cool to see how everything worked out! We are working with Fiona, a student from China, and last week we were able to do a Skype call with Sister Dixon's friend back home and he spoke with her in Chinese! I love being able to use technology to spread the good word:) 
The work is good, I'm really full,  I'm like falling asleep writing this. But of course I have to write what I'm grateful for! I'm grateful to be able to be out on a Mission and for all that entails (spreading the gospel, meeting awesome people, service, eating interesting food,  walking lots of miles, knocking on lots of doors, laughing, crying, studying, speaking German, traveling in bahns and
busses, and so much more) Im grateful for a lot of other things too of course but it will take a year to write that out:)

Hope you all had a wonderful day full of thanks!
Liebe Gr├╝├če
Sister Farner

Friday, November 17, 2017

Die Verpflichtung die die ganze Welt ver├Ąndert hat!

Hallo Leute!
New District
It's getting more and more Christmasy in Darmstadt and it's so pretty! The Weihnachtsmarkt opens in 4 days so....that means there are huge Christmas trees alllll over the place!

We had a pretty awesome week, we've been working on building our relationships with members and one day we had a few hours to go and visit some less actives and on the way back we see a name on a
doorbell and it said "Landau"  ..two weeks earlier the elders found a family dooming named Landau and gave us them to go visit but the mom called and said she was sick and to call in a few weeks.
So we thought maybe this name was her and so we rang the doorbell of this random house and a 23 year old guy came out which startled us and we asked if he wanted to learn about Christ and he said of course and gave his number to us and told us to come next week when he wasn't on night shift for work. We were startled because we checked the address of the other woman and it was different!! We are going to convert the family probably haha!

Sorry I have no time this week but I wanted to share how I've learned a lot about how important members are in bringing the gospel to the world. We invited a family to send a scripture to a friend and then the members told their other member friends and soon enough people in Albania started doing it too! Side note: a member is from Albania here haha:) coolest ward ever!
Nada and us

Last district meeting

Loving life, loving the work:)
Sister Farner

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Besser denn je:)

Hallo Leute!
Yet another pday....weirdddd...and ya this week was AWESOME! I feel like my mission just gets better and better and better and better!! 
We went by a less active on Monday that we had tried to visit a few weeks back but the bus never came and he lives far out there so we have had to make sure we have the time to go out there. I was considering just leaving him be and having other missionaries go by him, but a few members told us we should go by and it was well worth it! We get there and talk with him about his life and his conversion to the church. He's from Croatia and had received a Book of Mormon there from two sisters who wrote in it that when he read in it he'd find the truth. He didn't like the fact that they "knew" he'd read it so for two years he carried it around with him and well he decided to finally open it and found the truth! He went on to be a branch president in Croatia and when he came to Germany he fell away because of his restaurant and complications in the ward. 
But he told us he had been hoping we'd come by because he was just married and wanted his wife to hear the gospel and so we will be teaching her and their kids next week!!! We're hoping that will get him back to church and that he will change his restaurant hours so that he can make it there:) 

We had a visit from Elder Sabin, in the Europe Area Presidency. He is a crack up and said so many things that were perfect to hear at this time in my mission. He said that we don't need to worry, we just need to do our best:) and that by trying we are succeeding! That was pretty reassuring, I think, for all of the missionaries. We all beat ourselves up to much about things when we should just let the worries go and work!
Heading to see Elder Sabin
Sister Dixon is also my best friend, we have tons of fun together and I tell her like everyday how happy I am that she's my last companion:)

D&C 64:33-34
Wherefore, be not ​​​weary​ in ​​​well-doing​, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of ​​​small things​ proceedeth that which is great.
​​​​​34 ​Behold, the Lord ​​​requireth​ the ​​​heart​ and a ​​​willing​ mind; and the willing and ​​​obedient​ shall ​​​eat​ the good of the land of Zion in these last days.

Liebe Gr├╝├če 
Sister Farner
My friend Jack


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Schlie├čen Sie sich uns auf Facebook an!

Hallo Leute!

So as you saw I am now on Facebook! Our mission has the privilege of preaching the gospel through social media! A lot of missionaries feared it and for me it has just been super weird! But I'm loving
having the opportunity to stay in better contact with our investigators and reaching out to more people! We had the opportunity to Facebook video chat our investigator because he was out of town and we had so much Fun! It blows my mind how much missionary work has progressed during the times!
Distrikt in Frankfurt!

Sister Dixon and I are getting work done here and she is doing so great! She has been out for 5 weeks and is already talking to people by herself making german phone calls,etc. So proud of her. She is also the funniest person ever so we always fall asleep cracking up:)

We headed out to one of the Dorfs to do service for a woman that met with the sisters a year ago. She texted us out of the blue to see if we could come by and so we trekked all the way out there and washed her windows for her. After we finished she told us how grateful she was and that she had asked someone from another church to help out but they wouldn't and kept trying to just teach her stuff. She told us she can trust us now because she knows that we are also there to be her friend too:) it was a real testimony to me of the importance of showing Christlike love and even if we didn't get to teach the gospel we were able to be example of how the gospel has helped us.

The night before Halloween we went to a members house and she had this dinner set up that was Halloween themed and she served "brain" cauliflower, "werewolf hand" chicken,etc and it was so cute haha the members here are just the coolest!

Gravestone pudding from the Metzners

I'm grateful to be out here:)

Liebe Gr├╝├če
Sister Farner 

TG and Familie Maichel