Friday, November 17, 2017

Die Verpflichtung die die ganze Welt verändert hat!

Hallo Leute!
New District
It's getting more and more Christmasy in Darmstadt and it's so pretty! The Weihnachtsmarkt opens in 4 days so....that means there are huge Christmas trees alllll over the place!

We had a pretty awesome week, we've been working on building our relationships with members and one day we had a few hours to go and visit some less actives and on the way back we see a name on a
doorbell and it said "Landau"  ..two weeks earlier the elders found a family dooming named Landau and gave us them to go visit but the mom called and said she was sick and to call in a few weeks.
So we thought maybe this name was her and so we rang the doorbell of this random house and a 23 year old guy came out which startled us and we asked if he wanted to learn about Christ and he said of course and gave his number to us and told us to come next week when he wasn't on night shift for work. We were startled because we checked the address of the other woman and it was different!! We are going to convert the family probably haha!

Sorry I have no time this week but I wanted to share how I've learned a lot about how important members are in bringing the gospel to the world. We invited a family to send a scripture to a friend and then the members told their other member friends and soon enough people in Albania started doing it too! Side note: a member is from Albania here haha:) coolest ward ever!
Nada and us

Last district meeting

Loving life, loving the work:)
Sister Farner

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