Saturday, November 4, 2017

Schließen Sie sich uns auf Facebook an!

Hallo Leute!

So as you saw I am now on Facebook! Our mission has the privilege of preaching the gospel through social media! A lot of missionaries feared it and for me it has just been super weird! But I'm loving
having the opportunity to stay in better contact with our investigators and reaching out to more people! We had the opportunity to Facebook video chat our investigator because he was out of town and we had so much Fun! It blows my mind how much missionary work has progressed during the times!
Distrikt in Frankfurt!

Sister Dixon and I are getting work done here and she is doing so great! She has been out for 5 weeks and is already talking to people by herself making german phone calls,etc. So proud of her. She is also the funniest person ever so we always fall asleep cracking up:)

We headed out to one of the Dorfs to do service for a woman that met with the sisters a year ago. She texted us out of the blue to see if we could come by and so we trekked all the way out there and washed her windows for her. After we finished she told us how grateful she was and that she had asked someone from another church to help out but they wouldn't and kept trying to just teach her stuff. She told us she can trust us now because she knows that we are also there to be her friend too:) it was a real testimony to me of the importance of showing Christlike love and even if we didn't get to teach the gospel we were able to be example of how the gospel has helped us.

The night before Halloween we went to a members house and she had this dinner set up that was Halloween themed and she served "brain" cauliflower, "werewolf hand" chicken,etc and it was so cute haha the members here are just the coolest!

Gravestone pudding from the Metzners

I'm grateful to be out here:)

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner 

TG and Familie Maichel

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