Friday, October 27, 2017

Das Leben

Hallo Leute,
The Mission
Lots of fun and crazy hints happening out here!
Starting next week we will be using Facebook in helping us with our proselyting efforts, so don't freak out when you see things change on my account. It will open a lot more doors and we will really see even more miracles and be able to stay in better contact with our members and investigators!

Yesterday had to be one of the most interesting days of my mission, we went to find a member in a hospital and ended up getting sent around to three different ones with no luck but on the way we met a guy who saw the Book of Mormon and told us his family are Members and that he'd meet next week with us:) Then we had a few appointments fall through and we decided to go to an apartment complex because we found a piece of paper that said an address and a name so we took it as a sign to go there and we did and are now going back on Sunday to meet with the family! So many tiny miracles! We also returned to Luisenplatz and ran into an investigator that we hadn't been able to get in contact with for a few weeks and he said he could meet later. So we met and set better expectations and he realized that just going to church wasn't enough, that he needed to experience the full deal! Glad he came to that realization:)
Later that night, after two appointments fell through, our other investigator said he could meet and we had one of the coolest lessons EVER! He told us that the church has brought this spirit into his heart that he has been missing his whole life and that when he leaves he is sad and wants to come back so he can have that spirit again with him. He told us he know that the devil tries to tempt him and tell him to not read or pray and he asked how he could overcome that and where else he could go besides the church to feel this feeling. We explained to him about baptism and how the Holy Ghost can be with him always when he is baptized, he was relieved:) I'm so excited for him and to see how the church will help him in his hard times and how it will lift his spirit!
The Warncke family
Other than that, this week went by fast, we did a lot of service projects with cool members and I'm so grateful to be able to serve in this incredible City. We had one member in a lesson and our investigator asked why we should believe in God because people are happy without God. She then told him that it was like chocolate. Without tasting chocolate you can still enjoy life. But once you've tasted chocolate you experience an even greater joy. She compared that to God and how without Him we can sometimes live life great but with Him and to know Him, life is so much better. And I agree fully with that. Life is so much better when we live the Gospel and obey God's commandments:)

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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