Thursday, October 5, 2017

Los gehts!

Hallo Leute!
Well this week was awesome! We had transfers and President called bright and early Saturday morning to tell me I'm training a new missionary for my last two transfers. I was so excited to hear that even when he told me I was heading into the home stretch..haha

I went down on Tuesday with Elder McClellan who is also training and we picked up Sister Dixon and Elder Doyle and brought them back on Wednesday to Darmstadt! Sister Dixon is from Idaho, is a solid foot shorter than me and is the coolest! We're already having a good time and get work done.
We met with our investigator, TG, and we explained to him about the church and asked him if he would be willing to join it when he knew it was true. He then told us that when he watched General Conference and hear the words of the leaders of the church he understood them and knew that they were true and that's why he was willing to meet with us!

General Conference was also amazing; here's a quote from Elder Hollands talk "In any case, I am grateful to know that in spite of my imperfections, at least God is perfect—that at least He is, for example, able to love His enemies, because too often, due to the “natural man”and woman in
us, you and I are sometimes that enemy. How grateful I am that at least God can bless those who despitefully use Him because, without wanting or intending to do so, we all despitefully use Him sometimes. I am grateful that God is merciful and a peacemaker because I need mercy and the world needs peace. Of course, all we say of the Father’s virtues we also say of His Only Begotten Son, who lived and died unto the same perfection"

I"m grateful for the words of modern day prophets and to know that despite all of my imperfection God loves me and is rooting for me and is by me every step of the way. I love this work and I love the people here and ja life is good!

Have a great week!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner
Last district pic

Bye sis Lekic

Trainers and trainee

The lineage

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