Thursday, November 30, 2017


Hallo Leute:)
Sister Fernelius and I after running around a village for an hour:) we
legit ran from door to door...
Another week gone by and 1,000 more pieces of Lebkuchen eaten...Christmas time is the best time! Partially because of all the good Christmas treats and also because of the Christmas Spirit that's being spread around! We have a Christmas market in our church on Saturday so the wards been pretty busy preparing themselves for it and they've asked us to sing...I told a member I don't sing, I play sports, and she said "well Sister Farner now that you are on a mission, it's your time to get good at singing because you can't play sports all the time!" So stay tuned for how that is going to go..
We helped the Warnckes decorate their apartment:)
We went to Heidelberg for a split with Sister Jensen and Sister Weiler. Sister Jensen and I had a real good time hahah we had just finished teaching their investigator and had left her apartment when we saw a guy walking by so we yelled to him and started talking and he's like cool come with me so we get to his apartment, he opens the door and there is like 20 guys from Gambia there and we are like.....okay we can't stay but we can come back later to share a message and so we got his contact info and a few of his friends were interested too. Hahah just a weird experience.
Heidelberg Sisters
But what was even cooler was that someone called our phone when we were back in the apartment and I answered and this guy said, hey we met at the train station and you asked me what made me happy and I have been studying about our spirits and us and was focusing on how I felt when you talked with me and I was overcome with peace and I just want to see who you are? {Side note: I remembered talking to him and then Sister Jensen yelling to me to catch the bus so we didn't finish our conversation and I just quickly handed him our card and ran away. So I suspect that was weird for him...but he ended up calling because of it!} Back to the story...I explained to him the Holy Ghost and the Godhead and he said that we should me the next day. But unfortunately he was really busy and I let him know I was going back to Darmstadt and so now we are Facebook friends and I hope that he can start meeting with the missionaries! It's super cool to see what a good attitude brings other people. It can be easy to turn into a robot when talking to people but as we really care about their lives and are genuinely interested, the Spirit can manifest to them the reality of our Message.
My mission just keeps getting better and better:)

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

(Email title courtesy of Sister Dixon learning German:))

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