Thursday, August 24, 2017

Darmstadt a.k.a. The City of Intestines

Hallo Leute,

Yes I got transferred this week:((( Really hard to leave my friends in Duisburg but I'm excited for the opportunity to serve here in the beautiful Darmstadt. Yes, it does mean intestine city in English so we
are just going to be using the German name for now haha. Fun fact about this place is that President Uchtdorf grew up here in our area and we attend the church he went to! Also Sister Kleiner( my trainee) served here after I trained her before she went to the Temple square mission! So already this place is pretty awesome:) Sister Lekic(pronounced Lekich) from Orem UT is my new new companion! She just got finished being trained and is a fireball for sure haha we've already laughed enough to last the millennium so we will see how the rest of the transfer goes! She's an incredible missionary and I'm already learning tons from her, she loves cooking too so I guess I'm done making noodles for dinner every night...hahahah thankful for that!
Sister Lekic and me
The first day in Darmstadt was crazy awesome we made a goal to fill up the next day with appointments and we accomplished it and now we have two new investigators! The people hear are so ready and willing to meet and I know I've only been here three days but man the work is just getting started! Cool story from the other day..We had just finished a lesson with Klev, new investigator, and I was talking to Sister Lekic about how I just wished I could tell people exactly how Christ can help them in their lives and that they'd understand it too! Well in the process of me explaining this to Sis Lekic a girl had sat next to us in the bench and after I spoke she cut it and asked if we believed in Christ (in English) and then said she couldn't speak a lot of English but we switched to German for her and she just bore powerful testimony to us about God's love and how He listens to our prayers and she explained to us how she was having a rough time with her boyfriends family but that she prayed and fasted and they allowed her to keep dating him and she said she loved how
knows our needs so perfectly and helps us even when it's just with the little things. I've never met someone so happy to talk about God but she said she loves to because it makes her happy and gives her energy. She belongs to a different church but said she'd come check our church out on Sunday!
You never know who is watching or paying attention to you here and it was a real testimony booster to me about making sure I keep my actions and words focused on the Savior! It's cool to see how God works in mysterious ways to help us find those ready to hear the truth:)
View from the apartment
Thankful to be here and serve the Lord!

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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  1. Absolutely wonderful !! Wow ---love her messages !