Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eis Eis Termin

Hallo Leute!

We had yet another great week and I think my favorite Sunday of my entire life! We had 5 investigators in church and that was literally the coolest thing ever! Esther and Isaac came for the first time and Maya, Elena and Ali also were there. I was just so excited and they all had a good time and Esther told us later that she felt like she was at home:)
Later on Sunday we went by Elizabeth, a person that I found in the area book(where we write all of the numbers of people we met on the street) and she's from Bulgaria! We shared the restoration with her and after Sister Catherall prayed at the end, we looked over and she was crying! We asked her what was up and she said that the sisters met her over a year ago by the bus stop and had tried multiple times to come by but she said she always said she didn't have time. Then her sister told her that God was trying to talk to her and she should listen. So she decided to meet with us and when I asked her if there was anything we could do for her she said " you've already done so much!". We got out of the apartment and we're literally overwhelmed with the love that God has for her. I love moments like these and the Restoration of the Gospel is just something so important that can help
us see that God still loves His children and yes we have hardships and sometimes life isn't fair but we need these challenges because they are what shape us into better people. God doesn't take our problems away, He gives us the strength to work through them.
Sister Weiler and me
I was with Sister Weiler on a split and we got Eis hahaha(for the second day in a row) and we went to the same shop as the day before and I noticed that the same people were working there and I was a little embarrassed but we went anyway and two of them we had given pass along cards to a few weeks prior. One of them apologized for not coming to church and he asked me if we meet during the week haha so I explained to him what we do and he asked if we could meet on Friday! So we are meeting tomorrow and I'm so excited! It pays off to get Eis;)

Anywho we have transfers this weekend so please pray that Sister Catherall and I train here in Duisburg haha that's the dream but we will see what happens.

Have a great week and remember to smile:)
Sister Farner

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