Thursday, August 10, 2017

Warum ist die Uhr so klein?

opportunity to be allowed to teach them the Gospel!
Sussan - she's hilarious hahah
Last week I shared a little about Ali and this week there were just a ton of cool experiences with him so be ready haha. He came to church on Sunday! He was a little mad with us because we didn't tell him to wear a suit but he got over it I think haha. It was fast and testimony meeting and I was explaining to him that anyone can go up and bear their testimonies and how we have it once a month. Towards the end of the meeting he asked me if I or Sister Catherall were going to go up and I said probably not and he said "Why not? Do you not have a testimony from last month?" I laughed and thought about it more and was like I have learned a ton this last month that has helped strengthen my testimony so what do I have against going up and bearing my testimony? So I went up and bore my testimony, came back and sat down and he said "You did a good job there Farner" haha but
that really struck a chord in me how I do have a testimony and that I should share it when I have the opportunity to do so!

Side note: Warum ist die Uhr so klein? Means why is the clock so small? Ali asked us that after Church about the clock in the chapel, haha he always asks us tons of questions!  We met with him yesterday and he told us that during sacrament meeting on Sunday he heard a testimony from a Bruder that was about how the missionaries found him on the street when he was 28 and he said he
will never forget that day. Ali then told us that he'd never forget when we talked to him on the street and asked if we'd ever forget him. We were like no way! Haha We then talked about his reading assignment in the Book of Mormon (Alma 34) and he told us that it gave him a better understanding of who Jesus Christ is for him and that he has a gained more love for Christ and that he knows now why Christ's sacrifice is so important. He grew up with a family that doesn't believe in Christ as the Son of God but as he has read in the Book of Mormon, prayed and come to church he has received that knowledge that He is! I could go on about how awesome Ali is. I'm really happy we get to teach him, but honestly he learns stuff on his own through the Spirit and we just confirm the truth! I'm grateful that we met him on the street and have been able to teach him. Nothing is cooler than seeing
someone come to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and change according to it to make them even happier than they have ever been before! So basically share your testimony with those around you! It helps strengthen your faith and the faith of those who listen.

One of our other investigators, Elena was also there on Sunday and was touched from someone's testimony on Christ-like love! Seriously another great person we get to meet with. She told us that she hadn't read in the Book of Mormon for a few days and then had a test that went badly and decided to read and she said that she felt an overwhelming peace by doing so and that she loves meeting with us because she gets to be out of the world for a bit and focus on the spiritual side of things.
I could probably write a solid 10 more paragraphs on the miracles and the people and how great God is but there is power in shorter emails, right?

I love this work, I love the Lord and I'm grateful for everything I've been privileged to experience, the good and the bad, because it has made all the difference in my life.
I went to my last area, Dortmund, on a split and Lisa wore her patriot
shirt hahah

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Farner

Sister Poulsen and I with Dunkin Donuts(pic for you, mom:))

Sister Houston and I eating döner in the rain on our split in Duisburg

Dortmund split
Herne split

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