Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ein Jahr später

Hallo Leute,
What an awesome week! So many awesome things happened:) I was on a split with Sister Fried  and one of our appointments got cancelled all of a sudden and we had an hour and a half to do
something. I took out my map on my iPad and split up our area in 6 quadrants and then she rolled a dice to see where we would go. The quadrant we picked already had a saved location and I had no idea how it got saved but we decided to visit the apartment. We got there and I looked at the klingels and the name of a family in our ward was on it.  I then realized that we had gone to the new apartment of this family and I was a little embarrassed haha. But we decided to ring the other names there...with not much success. As we were leaving a car with a trailer came up and three members hopped out and were surprised to see I said "wir sind hier ihnen zu helfen!" (We are here to
help you) and they were like okay! We were able to help carry the furniture and boxes up to the new apartment and it was great to help them out.  I explained to them later how we had no idea that they'd be there or that they would need our help. I was reading earlier that day about service projects and how we should be doing one once a week and was like I look for opportunities to serve but they are never there. And then we happened upon this service opportunity! It was a real testimony builder on following the Spirit! We could of easily just contacted people in our area but we followed the Spirit and found the people that needed our help:)
Gabriel and us
Another cool thing...GABRIEL CAME TO CHURCH. For those of you who have forgotten who he is, he's from Brazil and is so awesome! We were really sad his week because we went by his house(he has no phone) and he wasn't there and we were really confused and sad because we have had a
few lessons get cancelled because he's not there. But then he came to church and explained how he was at his neighbors when we rung! He stayed all three hours and in the investigator class we read Moroni 10:3-5 and he told us that as he read it he felt privileged to be allowed by God to be in the church and to read the Book of Mormon and how grateful he is that God allows him to have the opportunity to learn about the church. ah! So cool! He loves the Book of Mormon and is almost done with Alma!(200+ pages) He's making so much progress!
Sis Williams and I with Celine and Lisa
I got to go on a split in Dortmund with Sister Williams(my last area and last companion) let's just say it was pretty weird but awesome too! I got to see Sussan and Celine and Lisa and Birgit!! Sussan
almost knocked me over when she saw me and I don't think I've ever seen someone so happy to see me in my life! I can believe she has been baptized for 3 months! Lisa is staying next year in Utah for a year! So excited. It was really great to go there and see how everyone's doing. Sister Williams and Sister Poulsen are taking good care of the people:) Sister Williams is going home with Sister Perkins in less than a week which makes me sad. She's an amazing missionary and has been such a great example. She loves the people and the Lord and that has made all the difference!
Which comes to Sister Perkins, who is leaving me soon! Little upset with her about that but that's life. She's been a great companion and very patient with my weird ideas and odd bursts of enthusiasm. Going to miss her a lot and am thankful that we had this time to work and serve the Lord together.
New mission President:) President and Sister Boyer
I love my mission and today is pretty crazy because a year has gone by! What??? I've learned so much here and I love how the Gospel is something we can always apply to make us become better. We can always improve, you don't need to be on a mission to do so, you're not done improving at age 80. You can always become more obedient, more happy, more kind, more spiritual,etc. I think on the hymn "More Holiness Give Me":
More holiness give me,
More strivings within,
More patience in suff’ring,
More sorrow for sin,
More faith in my Savior,
More sense of his care,
More joy in his service,
More purpose in prayer
and that is sometimes a little overwhelming hahah but when we take the time to work on one thing at a time we become who God wants us to become, more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have a great week:)
Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner
Sis Fried and I by the sand volleyball tournament in the middle of the city

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