Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meine neue Mitarbeiterin....:)

Hallo Leute,
Sister Perkins
This week was even better than ever! We saw so many miracles and ja I just love the people we have the privilege of working with!! We met with Isaac and he asked us to convince him why the Book of
Mormon is worth reading because he didn't want to waste his time. We tried to show him a few good verses and bore our testimonies and he told us we hadn't convinced him and I was feeling a little hopeless and then I realized, wait, the Holy Ghost can only convince him of the truth we can't say anything to convince him. So we told him that he should give it a read and pray about it and that the Holy Ghost would testify to him of the truth. We saw him a few days later running to the Bahn and he yells " I STARTED READING" as he ran by:) so cool!!
Alaeden, Sister Perkins
We met with some other solid people that are just amazing but I'm running out of time. There was Alaeden(Aladdin but in Arabic) and he explained the Book of Mormon back to us to make sure he understood it, there was Saeed who told us that Joseph Smiths first vision was beautiful and then we met with Esther and she's making so much progress and loved hearing about the plan of Salvation.
Sis Catherall, Sis Perkins

Sis Catherall
Oh also transfers happened and Sister Perkins went home:( but Sister Catherall is my new companion! She's from Herriman Utah and is one transfer ahead of me and we are already best friends and are getting work done!!! So pumped for this transfer! We are Sister Training leaders over 9 companionships and 7 of those are training! So many new sisters! I'm the old one now... We've already lost each other once and finish each other's sentences..haha this will be fun!

Have a great week!
Sister Farner

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