Thursday, June 29, 2017

Planet der Affen

Hallo Leute,

What an interesting week full of scraping wall paper off apartment walls for 3 hours and having our last MLC with President Stoddard along with a split in the beautiful city of Bonn! I've just been blown away at how individual and unique every person is! I just love talking to people and figuring out their stories and helping them to find Joy in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The Stoddards❤️😿

The Distrikt
We had a lesson with Scurender on Saturday and he told us about how he was going to pick up his car on Sunday morning and we were like hey what about church??? And he said dang I totally forgot. We then had an awesome lesson about the Word of Wisdom and we asked to pray and ask God to help him keep it and he said he didn't know if he wanted to and so I asked him to pray for the desire and he said he'd think about it...he said the closing prayer in Italian and right after he ended he
told us he asked God for the desire and he also told us he would see us at church!! He said he'd call the people to move his appointment to Monday! He's just so willing to change and become better and every lesson we are in he makes the changes he needs to be aligned with God's will for him! He's awesome!
Scurender made us pizza!! So good!
Sorry this email is short, we went to a monkey park today:) but I have pictures to make up for it!
Me and my best friend

Me and Sister Case

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner
Made banana boats in Bonn on my split with Sister Voigtlaender

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