Thursday, June 1, 2017

34 Grad in dem Schatten

Hallo Leute,
We had transfer calls this week and.....Sister Perkins and I are staying together for her last transfer in Duisburg!!! YAYAY! We both were worried we'd get transferred but nope we are still together!
Our friend Puff
We didn't have a split this week which was really weird because we were actually together for more than a week. We didn't know what to do hahah it was just super weird but we start splits again next week so no problem haha.
Yesterday was super cool! Someone found the contents of my wallet and sent it to the police department so I went to get my drivers license and my identity card and well I get there and have the cards in my hand and tell the woman that I had already ordered a new one which meant I couldn't take the others back until she cancelled what I had ordered.
We will see if that went through today or on to the better news, we were waiting at the train station and these two guys moved over so that we could sit down and then one of them asked us a German question and we told them we were from Amerika and that we didn't know either and then we started talking about why we're here and then asked if they had time later that day and they said ja!(2 of our appointments fell through) So we met them later and it was awesome! They had so many good questions about religion and they are from Syria so they lost their hope in God because of the wars and we were able to explain to them about how if those people really believed in God then they wouldn't be fighting. I ended up teaching part of the restoration, the doctrine of Christ and the plan of salvation to one. I don't recommend doing that but he was eating it up. Really cool how it all worked out and he said there is a 75% chance he will come to church so ja!!
There were probably other things that happened this week but like you all know, I have the worst memory, it was 34 degrees Celsius one day which is 93 degrees Fahrenheit so that was fun.. We met with Pouyan and he's on track to being baptized in a week!
We met with Maya and she told us that her house is our house:)  
Maya! She got her hair and makeup done in like 2 minutes after I told
her I wanted a pic haha
I talked to a guy from China about Ping Pong tournaments. Naja I love People haha
I've also thought a lot about Setting goals daily and how everyday that I've done it this week brings new challenges but also helped me not go through the motions. I read a talk from the 1980 General Conference talk called "Decide to Decide" and this quote stood out "it is possible for a man to get on a train that goes 60 miles per hour and say to himself, ‘I am going 60 miles per hour.’ But it is not
true. Unless he is moving ahead on his own power, he is standing still" Which I think is what happens to us as missionaries, we say oh we are on a mission so that means we are doing what we are supposed to. But we aren't really missionaries until we make those goals to help people to Christ and then act upon them! I'm the most happy when I'm working hard and losing myself in the work!
With Zone Leaders( Elder Ault and Elder Mejia)
Have a great week and don't waste time away on tedious things, put the phones away and talk to each other:)
MLC round 3

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Farner

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