Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wie heißen Sie? Muffin. Chocolate Chip Muffin.

Hallo Leute!
Just another we going by real fast here in Duisburg. We had a few splits and a lot of appointments that fell out so we did some finding! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I could think of no better place than here for my birthday!
We were able to have an appointment with Scurender and set a baptismal date with him for the 22 of July! He is from India and started going to an evangelical church because he like the disco music they played. Then he started learning more about Christ and realized that Christ really did live and die for us! He's seriously the coolest!
I went to Leverkusen later in the day for a split with Sister Losee and they bought me chocolate and had a Happy Birthday banner on the floor when I got to her apartment! I was well taken care of. Sister Perkins was a pal and made me a breakfast burrito and then we got waffles later! I have the best companion!

Back to other things. So we went finding a lot and our district leader gave us a paper and we made a "Finding Bingo" game to make finding even more fun. So there we're things like "talk to a woman pushing a stroller" and "talk to someone with no shoes on" and Sis Perkins and I are very competitive and thought that we would do all 25 finding approaches in a day. We got to 18! That is where we met the guy named Chocolate Chip Muffin. He happened to be barefoot, wearing a cowboy hat, had dreads, holding a beer, and riding a bike when we talked to him and those were all things on the bingo sheet. We've seen him before and got to talk about what he does because we him always
outside the mall blowing bubbles or twirling a baton. He told us that he's been on the streets earning money for the last 2 years and that he's trying to save up for a school in India. He was also honest and
told us he uses some of the money for beer but he said he used to be a guy that had a regular job and wore regular clothes but then one day got an impression from God that he needed to do what he actually wanted to be doing. So he quit his job and has been traveling to different places around the world in an attempt to make people smile and to build a school for kids in India.
Chocolate Chip Muffin man

It's really cool to see the different ways of life people have and what they want to achieve in their lives. We've never contacted him because we just didn't think there was a good reason too. But I think this bingo game helped us to get out of our comfort zone and talked to ALL people. We were even able to find a family later in the day that want us to stop by and teach them about God and I usually don't approach women with a stroller and many kids because I don't want to bother her haha sharing the gospel is not the most convenient in many circumstances but it doesn't have to be because what it brings cancels all the unconvenience!
So basically what I'm trying to say is that we can make people happy by sharing the gospel no matter what circumstance they are in. It's here to help us not to hinder us!

Have a great week and step out of your comfort zone!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner
P-day at Wolfsee with the Dortmund zone leaders and Essen sisters!

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