Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Was macht Sie glücklich?

Hallo Leute!
Weirdest thing happened this week....I HIT MY 6 MONTH MARK! AHHH I have less than a year now on my mission what the! Zeit geht schnell Germany is wonderful! It snowed a little and it was beautiful and now it's all gone but it was fun while it lasted! We seriously have the best members ever in this ward. They have the strongest testimonies and are always so happy! The knowledge that Christ died for us so that we can be free from guilt and our sins really brings joy you can't find from anything else.

We walked a lot this week(shocker:)), I think I will try out for the fast walking event in the Olympics. If there is such thing. It's so calming! Also my shoes got destroyed hahah after only a month! Whoop whoop! I did rip the whole sole off, but before the first half was hanging unglued...

  But anyway we ask a lot of people "Was macht Sie glücklich?" Which means what makes you happy? and a lot of times they say the have no idea. That makes me so sad!! Then we share with them what makes us happy and that is the knowledge we have gained about Jesus Christ and how through Him every bad situation can be made better. 
We also took a district photo, so here are all the Elders that are in ward along with my comp

This is not the best email I have sent...hahah don't have as much time as I thought but I love it here, the Church is true and I'm grateful for everything I am being taught here!

Have and wonderful week and remember to find joy in everything:)

Liebe Grüße 
Sister Farner

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