Monday, January 16, 2017


Hallo Leute!

This week oh man...I don't know where to start!!  Okay so Monday a drunk man stroked my face,
Tuesday we taught Lisa and her uncle came,who is a nonmember, and we got to answer his questions!!! So cool! He asked how we can know that this is the only true church and why the others aren't and we were like well listen up my friend, we are about to change your life. We didn't actually say that but I thought that:) He has a Book of Mormon now and said he will try to find time to read in it! 

Okay, so I went on a split with Sister Litster in Hamm and honestly those were some of my favorite days of my mission so far. We went over to a less active’s house on Wednesday night and she was sick but she had so much enthusiasm as she described the allergic reaction that happened the day before and was throwing in Spanish words (from Venezuela) and I was able to understand them and translate a bit for Sister Litster! Surprising what happens when you teach a Spanish family a few times, those words never go!

The next day we met with an investigator, Anna, who is from Bulgaria! Well we were able to skype the Elders in Bulgaria and then taught the lesson to her in Bulgarian. Well we Skype them and then she went rapid fire with her Bulgarian and then the Elders in English told us that we should change the lesson plan. We were originally going to talk about the Plan of Salvation, but what she said prompted the Elders down a different road. I whispered to Sister Litster that maybe we should talk about the Atonement because Anna was in tears and I could tell something was troubling her. Then the Elders told us hey, we are going to talk about the Atonement instead. They didn't hear me say that. Sister Litster and I were like whaaaaat! Then later in the lesson I had pulled up a scripture, then the Elders went to share a scripture and it was the same one I had pulled up! This lesson was truly amazing. It shows that we don't teach the lesson, the Spirit does because there is no way that they could've known about the topic or scripture I was thinking about if it wasn't for the Spirit. I think it was easier to recognize that the Spirit was leading because three languages were being spoken and honestly without it, I think all of us would be very confused. The gift of tongues is real!! And I am so grateful to have it because knowing that if I listen to the promptings I am being given, everything will turn out for the good! He knows much better than I.

We then went by a member’s house and I said the opening prayer and after it she asked me if I was from Germany......WHAT? I was like no. She said you speak perfect German. I was like uh...haha I'm pretty sure once we started talking more she realized how American I am but wow it was so cool! I think the gift of tongues carried over to her lesson from Anna's haha Sister Litster is seriously the best STL ever! She goes home in two weeks and I'm sooo sad! But she taught me so much over the split and she has so much positivity and is so happy that I couldn't help but be that too:)

Last little thing, we got to teach the youth Sunday school class! I forgot that the youth don't really pay attention in class and are talkers - I'm so used to teaching lessons to only one person so 7 was crazy haha but I love them all so much!

I love being a missionary! It seriously brings so much joy into my life and I meet the best people and learn so much!!! Grateful to be here serving the Lord and spreading the happiness! Sorry mom and dad, I don't know if I'm going to come home:)

Liebe Grüße

Sister Farner

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