Monday, October 3, 2016


First week done of the 2nd transfer! Let's just say so much happened this week that I'm still processing it all. But hopefully I get the good things written! So transfers happened and the new Elders came in! I was thinking, yay I won't be the new missionary anymore considering Elder Ault is now training a new Elder. But of course the new Elder, Elder Apel happens to be from East Germany, fluent in German and can't speak English. So yep I'm still the new one. Elder Regehrs new companion, Elder Rowe, is from Cali and has been out for a while, he has 2 more transfers after this one, so he's old too. But now our district meetings are all auf Deutsch and I get to practice German so much more with Elder Apel and he corrects me every time which is helpful even though he corrects basically every sentence...hahaha Deutsch.
So we went on a bus, like everyday, but Sis F sat next to someone who she was talking to and there wasn't a seat for me so I went and sat by myself, then an old woman came on with a walker and sat in front of me. I talked to her and told her I liked her scarf and then we talked about what I was doing here and where she was from and before she got off she takes her scarf off and hands it to me and says "ein geschenk" which means a present and I was so shocked and she left it in my lap so I gave her a pass along card and she got off and she waved to me with the pass along card in hand. Such a cute old woman and wow I teared up to be honest..people here are so nice and genuine! 
General Conference
Wow. General Conference was spectacular. We got to watch all of the sessions beside the Sunday Evening one. But in every talk I was like hey this is directed at missionaries or this is for sure in Preach my Gospel and I was so surprised on how it had to do with missionary work, then I realized missionary work has to do with teaching the Gospel and General Conference has talks that talk about the Gospel so...hahaha of course they'd go hand in hand. Anyways my Lieblings anspracht was Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk about the ways we can better share the Gospel. What stood out to me in particular is when he said that we should first bring others to Christ and their testimony of the Church will come. That totally was an Aha moment because our purpose as missionaries to invite others to come unto Christ and yet I had not really focused as much on that when I went and talked to people about the Church. I would say that "what we do as missionaries is teach people what we believe and help them strengthen their relationship in God"  but that isn't the whole thing that we as missionaries do. Jesus Christ is at the Center and I know that He has made the way for us to return to God, to become better and to be free from the guilt and pain that sin and sorrow brings. He is my best friend and no matter what I go through each day He is always by my side. I want everyone to know that and I'm trying harder each day to bring people to Him. Knowing He is our Redeemer paves the way to repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the End, some of the essentials in order to have Eternal joy!
Ich liebe dies Evangelium! 
German Things 
Oktober fest! I mean only the one in Hörde, but nevertheless it was so cool! We pet sheep, threw ninja stars and knives, ate churros with Nutella and cheese and noodles(the German word for this is way too hard to spell...) super fun though and wow so cool! Ich liebe Deutschland!
Sister T and I also happened to walk by corn fields which was pretty cool and it was awesome until it got dark and Sister T started talking about horror movies and ya not a good idea..
I got a package from my mom and it was awesome and came just in time for General Conference! I brought sour patch kids to the Church and gave some to some Native German missionaries who could barely handle the sourness hahaha sehr lustig hahahaha
Word of the week
Veränderung which means change
Just because our district is a lot different and General Conference leads me to change a lot of who I am now and to make me a better missionary. I hope everyone got to see Conference, I went in with questions and all of them were answered. Such a cool thing! 
Have a fantabulous week!
Liebe große
Sister Farner

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