Monday, September 26, 2016


I HAVE BEEN IN THE FIELD FOR ONE TRANSFER! Or 6 weeks for those not familiar with mission lingo. But still wow! It's kind of sad though because that means Elder Coombs is going home and Elder Olson got transferred but I'm also excited to meet the new missionaries coming into Dortmund aka the best place ever! 

Sven got baptized this Saturday! He was one of the elders investigators that we've gotten to be good friends with and we got to be in the baptismal program, I prayed and Sis T sang and gave a talk. Pretty funny thing though was when he went into the water it happened to be ice cold so he let out kind of a yelp hahaha the Elders filled up the font a little too early...

We were on the bahn one night and I saw a guy I felt like I should talk to, he got off the stop before ours so we decided why not and we followed him out, just so happens that he was with two of his friends and Sis T and I were like, okay, that's a little intimidating to go up to a group of people and share the gospel, but I was set on sharing. So I go up to them, mind you that they all are around 25, and start talking to the three of them hahaha and Sis T chimes in after I asked if they were religious. Two of them actually seemed pretty interested! Though what I continue to learn is that God will help you if you make the first step. It's really scary at times to share what you believe because you're afraid of messing up or of them rejecting you. But when you have God on your side there is no need for fear.
Casual P-day walk through town and I spot this oldish food truck with burritos written on the side.....whattttttt I stopped in my tracks. I haven't had a burrito since July 6th so minor heart attack. The truck was called California Dreaming and the owner was just there testing out some new recipes before opening on Friday. But he made us chicken tacos with SALSA! And they were amazing. Seriously best thing of my life. His motto is eat tacos, be happy. So we are best friends now. 

The word of the week: Mut which is courage because that is what missionary work is. Having enough courage to share your beliefs, something very personal, with others. I know God watches out for us and is mindful of our shortcomings. One of my favorite scriptures, my mission scripture, 2 Nephi 22:2 says "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation". Trusting that God with be there when you make that courageous step is all you need because you often feel worse for not making that step than you do when you make that step and get rejected.

Well Deutsch is awesome, das Evangelium ist wahr, what can I say more?

Mit liebe,
Sister Farner

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