Monday, September 5, 2016


Tomorrow is my 2 month mark on the mission! Crazy how fast it has gone and a little bit sad too, it keeps going by quicker and quicker each week! Definitely learning lots each day and getting more and more confident with my German! I even spoke on the intercom things they have on apartment building 3 times in a row and sure they all said something mean, but I could understand it!
We had a lot of lessons with investigators fall out again so that meant we had more opportunities to go out to other places and share the Gospel. We were visiting this one less-active who happened to not be home, and as we were walking back we stopped a man and started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he accepted one from us and said he'd read it!
So the word of the week is Lecker which means delicious!
One of our Investigators gave us a duck to cook and we decided to make it....never have cooked a duck or even eaten one so that was quite the adventure, smelled like Thanksgiving in the apartment, but ya so duck is pretty good! Tastes like turkey, but I recommend not eating it at 10pm at night...
We stopped by a member's home to share a spiritual thought and they always have these little pastries and cakes out for us to eat, well there was one that tasted like the bear claws you can get at Costco with the other strudels, but it was the real thing so 10x better, another was lemon filled, and the last thing had plums on top. Let's just say they let us eat as much as we wanted and I ate 10 pieces....I don't know why I did or how I did and the Schwester said I could be in the Guiness book of world records. So first impressions are fun. I couldn't say much in German to let her know that I'm usually not this way..but I kind of am so I guess it's good I didn't say anything.
I had my first Eis(Ice Cream)too! We did a district finding activity in Grevel and took a break and ate the most heavenly thing ever. It was made to look like spaghetti actually so I was hesitant to eat it, but oh boy so good!


TEMPLE DEDICATION/Cultural Celebration
                                             Friday was the Culture Celebration for the Frieburg temple which had the youth of several countries come together and perform and sing. We got to see a lot of German dances and hear the History of the church starting in Germany. It was so amazing to see how strong in the faith members were back in the 1940s and how they pressed through the war and the religious persecution and were able to have a Temple built nearby them. Seeing and hearing about of that was a really testament to me that there are Germans here waiting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we just need to find them. I don't like when people tell me that no German will be baptize, only the rogues, because I have gotten to know so many German people here that are truly amazing and will one day know how the Church will make their lives happier!
The temple was dedicated on Saturday which got all of the missionaries in our Zone to the church to see it broadcasted. It was so cool to hear it in German, President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar spoke in Deutsch and wow the Spirit was so strong. I'm grateful that I was able to live by a Temple and go to it often and feel closer to my Heavenly Father in it. I'm grateful that the people of Germany get to experience the temple more now too.
Ich habe  für Ihnen lieben und ich hofe alles es gut in ihre leben.
Sister Farner

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