Monday, September 19, 2016


Wow another week gone by and I still can't believe I'm here in Deutschland!

Super cool experience with two of our untersuchers. One has been meeting with missionaries for a few months, so before I was in Dortmund and we extended a baptismal date and he accepted! So excited for him, he's really come a long way and he is more than halfway done in the Book of Mormon than we are! Crazy!

Another untersucher we had our first lesson with and Sister T and I had role played and everything and it was the smoothest lesson ever, I spoke German more than ever and he understood it! So amazing! Definitely had a lot of help from God because wow. When you put all your effort into something and do everything you can to be the best, great things result in it, but I mean that's kind of a given hahaha. He was such a cool man and he understood everything we taught to him, super into every detail.

I went to Duisburg and switched companions for a day, so I was with Sister B! When we were on the bahn to Duisburg (us and two other Elders) a woman came up to us and started talking to us in English and began crying. She said she had the worst day of her life and had just prayed to God for something to lift her spirits and then she saw us come on smiling and talking in English and that made her so much happier seeing something familiar. She isn't even our same faith but she has the same faith we do that God answers our prayers. Seriously the coolest experience ever.

Sister B and lady on the bahn
Today we went to a castle! I mean kind of, it's more ruins than castle but it was so cool! Before we stopped at a place called "road stop" and well I had the biggest burger I've ever had in my entire life! Let's just say I won't be eating a burger any time soon hahaha. My piece was the size of my head and it was super funny to eat because all the sauce ran down my arms, the Elders didn't have as much luck either eating it hahaha. Back to the Castle, we overlooked Hagen and Deutschland is seriously so beautiful and green and wow. Blessed every single day to walk out into the streets of this country!
Road Stop

Castle ruins and view

So my 2nd experience with Eis was even better! We went to this place called Kubar and they have some pretty bomb ice cream, I had some oatmeal flavored, funfetti tasting one, and then cookie flavored. Heaven in my mouth. Luckily we did a lot of walking after that hahaha. I also had my 2nd Döner which was even more Heavenly!

Word of the week: Demut
Which means humble! Without being humble I wouldn't be able to speak Deutsch. It's easy now for me to be humble because my Deutsch isn't that good but there are times when I'm like "oh ya I'm so good at German" and next thing ya know a person is telling you they don't understand English right after you said something in German to them. God has a sense of humor for sure and knows how to remind me that I can't do any of this without Him hahaha so grateful to be able to pray for help and know God listens and helps me to see what He wants me to learn from experiences.

Hope all is well in the USA!


Sister Farner

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