Monday, September 12, 2016


This was the weirdest week so far! There were so many miracles and funny things that happened I don't have enough time to write it all. But I've decided it's easier to break it up
So there were several instances of great people we met this week and also interesting things that we witnessed.  So on Montag we were on a bahn and Sister T thought that we should move to a four seater next to a college-aged guy. So we moved and started talking to him about the Church which he knew a little bit about from South we went off of that and talked about the Book of Mormon and then another man across the aisle, leaned in and asked if he could join the conversation. Hahaha we said sure! And he comes and sits, shakes the other guys hand and our hands and we all introduce ourselves then start talking about the Book of Mormon again. Too bad we had to leave the bahn before we could talk more, but we gave them each one and they were so surprised to get a free book!

We saw a woman get hit by a van. So ya. I mean the van was on the sidewalk(cars park there) and was backing super slowly and this woman was facing us as we were walking up the hill and the van slowly hits her, knocks her over, and thud she's on the ground.....we didn't really fully process the situation until like 5 sec after and we hurried to help her. She was fine, but wow, weird.

So there are some interesting men here. One man winked at me as the bahn left and that was cool I guess. But the weirdest thing ever was when I sat down next to this girl and was talking to her about the Church, by myself! Auf Deutsch! But as I'm talking I feel something on my arm, I thought it was my hair, but I look and the man next to me is stroking my arm, I was so engaged in this conversation that I brushed his hand off and kept talking to this girl about the church and find out she's already met with the missionaries! So I give her a card and get up, grab Sister T and leave real fast and tell her what happened. So it was 8:30 at night, the man was old and drunk and ya hahah I didn't really process what happened until we left and ya gross.

So in other news Sis T and I had a cool experience during companionship study. We were talking about one of our investigators that we wanted to invite to baptism and were trying to decided what day. Well we prayed and I said October 8 was what I felt was the right date but Sister T said October 15 so we decided to pray again. This time we prayed more intently and I prayed specifically for the right date to invite our investigator to be baptized. The 22nd came up and we hadn't talked about it but I felt like it was right, so when Sister T and I came back together we decided to write our dates on the sticky notes and counted to three and showed them. WE BOTH GOT THE 22nd AS THE DATE! Wow overwhelmed with happiness and joy! The coolest experience ever with personal revelation! God hears your prayers when you have intent and have a desire to listen to what He says!
I handled a German phone call all by myself! I set a date with a member to meet and everything! It was 5 min long at least! Whoop whoop!
We taught two 11th grade classes on Tuesday and the teenagers here are so respectful! We made it through both and I said maybe two sentences but it was super cool because one of the teachers was interested in what we were saying. But what was even crazier was the next day Sis T and I were in the Church bahn planning and I look out the window and I saw the teacher ride his bike through the church parking lot and look at the church and ride back out again. HE CAME TO THE CHURCH! What!!?? So cool! Haven't heard from him since but wow he's definitely thinking about the Church.

I ate something gross this week, I don't even know what it was but ya I gagged. It was meant to be this dessert thing. White and clumpy with chips of chocolate and the worst was that there was a lot of it.....hahaha but I ate it all!
But I also ate the best Nutella crepe ever!!! Heaven in my mouth. No joke.
Chocolate continues to impress me everyday and I will never get sick of it!

Okay that is all for this week! Deutschland is awesome and grateful every day to be here! Ich weiss Gott uns hören. Ich weiss dass we wenn wir zu Gott beten, wir werden ein besser tag haben.

Sister Farner

PS  Word of the month: Komisch meaning weird because ya that creepy guy for sure

We went to the BVB stadium today unfortunately tours weren't going on so we chilled around the team store for preparation day with the other elders and sisters from Duisburg

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