Monday, October 31, 2016


Hallo Leute!
Heading into my last week of being trained! Wow time goes fast..Deutschland gets even better everyday and the people get even more amazing! Happy Halloween also! 
Thanks mom for the Halloween package:) We had fun with the vampire teeth!

We were going to teach a man in Witten who ended up not being home so we went by another person who said she was busy and as we were walking back to the bus stop. We see a door that is covered with Halloween decorations and sister T said let's knock on that door! So we did and a woman answers and said "oh come on in!" We were a little surprised since most people tell us kein Interesse and close the door. But she let us in and asked us what makes us different from other churches. We spent the next hour talking to her a out the Book of Mormon, the Priesthood(power of God given to man) and about other Gospel topics. She was super cool and even though at the end she said she didn't want religion because she could believe stuff on her own, we gave her a Book of Mormon. A lot of people say they don't need church or religion. But we do! Our purpose is to learn and grow and one of the greatest commandments is to love others. So by going to church you exercise your belief and show your love to others by helping them build their faith too. Talking to her in Deutsch the whole time gave me a headache after but the words just flowed when I talked. So grateful for the gift of tongues!

We were able to go to Münster on Wednesday to help out because one of the Sisters is sick and it was a miracle that we could even go considering how busy our weeks are. Just so happened that Wednesday was free. Münster is so beautiful!!!! It's known for all the bikes that are there and let me tell you, there were probably as many bikes as there were people there. All along the street were bikes and outside the Bahnhof had to be at least 1,000. Crazy!

Also they have a Catholic Church building that has cages up in the spire where they used to put people who didn't go to church. Pretty cool, probably not for the person that got put there. I taught the Restoration with Sister A and recited the first vision to this man named Bernard and it was a really cool moment because he wasn't distracted and listened intently as I recounted what Joseph Smith experienced. The rest of the time he would talk about his investments or other books, but in that moment I could tell he was feeling the Spirit. Really nice guy and offered to play a guitar in church on Sunday. Totally wish I was still in Münster for that! But Sister T and I headed back later that night. 

Word of the week: Herbst 
This is the word for Fall or Autumn. There are so many leaves covering the streets here and it's so beautiful! We played soccer today for p-day and it was amazing! I love Herbst! We live in such a beautiful world that a lot of times we take for granted. I invite you all to go outside and look around at the beauty!

Liebe Grüße 
Sister Farner

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