Saturday, July 30, 2016


ONLY LIKE TWO WEEKS UNTIL WE HEAD TO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of freaking out if you haven't noticed. Can't believe I've been in the MTC for 25ish days. I didn't think I'd ever really go to Germany and that I'd stay in the MTC for 18 months. But so grateful that I can leave here!

Sunday we switched up leadership and Sister Yeck and I are now STLs (Sister Training Leaders) so basically we make sure all the sisters in our branch are staying on task and are healthy. We also get a phone....Sister Yeck loves having it with her, it's a flip phone that the last STLs have dropped in the toilet and somehow it still works. The ZLs are Elder McLaws and Elder Gappmayer, which is who Sister Yeck guessed, and they are 6'2" and 6'6" so we have some pretty tall leadership now. It's a pretty fun calling to get to interview all the sisters. There are 19 of them I believe and they all are the coolest. We didn't have any problems brought up which is surprising. We lucked out with the Sisters.

Also on Sunday, there was a big music thing for Pioneer Day and we got to sing with the Nashville Tribute Band. They are so talented and it was fun to sing with them. The last song they sang was about the lead singer's mission and everyone was in tears after that. During the closing prayer all you could hear was people sniffing.

Also Breakfast was clutch Sunday because of the Cinnamon Heaven cereal my mom sent me. 6 of us sisters grabbed some bowls and milk and ate out of the box in the cafeteria and watched everyone else wait in line. Thanks mom:)

I seriously love all of you! I got some packages that made my day. Nicole sent me some cookies, The Iversons sent me a Dear Elder candy Box, my grandparents sent me beautiful pictures, and Hermana Ahlstrom sent me a letter. All were very appreciated :) 

Deutsch is interesting. Fritag I spoke Deutsch the whole day (I tried to) with my limited vocabulary. Sister Shelley and I were standing in line and I was speaking Deutsch and the Elder Behing us was in awe of my ablility...he's going to an English speaking mission so he didn't know that all I was saying was "I don't know how to speak" but hey I felt pretty cool.

I saw Sister Rasmussen and Elder James! Had a mini Sodalicious reunion. Sister Rasmussen was supposed to go to the London MTC but her Visa didn't go through and seriously we had a pause in class and I look out the door and she was just standing there. I couldn't even register what was going on! But it was great to see her:)

So Elder Wright's Birthday was Wednesday and we got him this card that had a ballerina cat on the front of it and said birthday girl and we crossed out girl and put Elder. We had almost the whole Zone sign it and he actually laughed and smiled (he says he's a rock). Thanks mom, he loved the package you sent, he couldn't believe that you actually sent it. Those mints he protects with his life.

Welp got nothing else to write so See YA
Sister Farner

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