Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ich bin ser begeistert

What a week!!!!!
Our teachers are really hammering us with grammar principles and my mind is going to explode. Adjective endings are doof and I thought my district was either going to pass out or punch a wall. Bruder Garlick took an hour to explain it and there was a two step process with a graph that had 4 columns by 4 columns that made some sense I guess but then my teacher talked about the Oklahoma shape inside the chart and then the red flag words and the whole time I was thinking how the heck do people remember this when they are speaking? I mean if I have time to think for like 4 minutes I can come up with an answer but...I don't so yikes! 

We were in charge of mopping the bathrooms again this week and Sister Yeck and I were on our way to do it and the power went out. Well the emergency lights went on in the halls, but there aren't any in the bathrooms so we found flashlights and mopped them in the dark. Probably one of the more scarier things to happen here. What made it even funnier was that right after we finished, the lights turned back on..... 
So I've been thinking a lot about how that can be compared to the Gospel (yes I did, MTC has me thinking how everything can relate to unser ziel und Das Evangelium) and the scripture I came up with is Ether 12:6 which talks about how you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. So our trial was being in the dark, we found a way to make it through the trial (the flashlight) and after we made it through our trial the lights turned on (we received a witness). Even though it really wasn't that big of a trial, the principle of it is profound. We can't expect everything in our life to go as planned. We have roadblocks and bumps and as we go forward with faith and try our best to overcome our trials God with be there to lighten the way and to ease our burdens. I've noticed that a lot here. When I've taught unser untersuchers and the lektion doesn't go as planned, it's easy to be down on myself after, but realizing that if I hold onto the faith I have and focus on the things I have been given, it gets better. God wants to help us, but he isn't going to just hand us what we need. We need to make the effort to come unto Him. We aren't perfect and never will be here on the earth and often people take that as a way to stop trying or to give up. But why not work to be the best version of yourself?

Wednesday we got to Skype with someone in Deutschland! She lives in the Alpine mission, but I seriously was so happy to talk to her! Sister Yeck and I didn't want to hang up hahah it took us like funf minuten to. But it got me so hyped to go.

We got our travel plans on Fritag and we fly to Georgia and then to Frankfurt on the 15th! WAAAAAASSSSSSSS??? The problem is now that everyone is starting to lose their focus which is difficult because they then come into our class to distract us. But Sister Yeck and I have been working hard, we've got almost the whole Joseph Smith's first vision memorized in German!!!!

Couple of funny things that happened:
So we found these mexican candies with mango in the center and gave them to the Elders in the classroom next door and later that night we hear some commotion and we leave our room and go into theirs and one of the Elders is throwing up because he ate one of the candies and apparently it wasn't that good.....I felt bad but it was also pretty funny because apparently he was trying to be a man and eat it all even when it was super disgusting so he kind of brought it upon himself...

Elder Harman and Elder Allan always come into our class during study time and bother us. but this week was pretty funny, one day they rapped to Rudolph the Rednose reindeer, the next day they (along with Elder Rothwell) ate a big handful of hot tamales and started to cry because it was too spicy for them, and then yesterday Elder Harman started choking on his water bottle cap and it caused him to make the weirdest noises. So ya there are some pretty cool and bizarre people here...

Packages. Wow so grateful:) My mom sent me this massive one full of candy and little bags and stuff to share with others. So on Pday Sister Johnson and I made up a bunch of little bags of candy with scriptures and handed them out to missionaries around the mtc! It was awesome! I also got tons of cheezits which the Elders were very grateful for! Shout out my Sodalicious work crew for bringing me to tears with all the letters and stuff they sent me. Seriously helps me so much to see little pick me ups. I also got my first Dear Elder letter and that was so cool! Thanks Millie!

Well only one more email next week here and then Deutschland!!!!!!!!! Ich bin ser begeistert

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