Monday, August 15, 2016


I leave in 2 days to Germany!! We head out at 6am from the MTC! Everyone here has definitely lost their focus and their minds, no joke! But being here for so long is understandable. It's funny though because I think my companion and I have had the best focus this week compared to the other ones! I also found out that all the German words I spell out usually are spelled wrong so I apologize to anyone that knows German and is offended by my inability to spell a word correctly. For instance Hoyta (today) is actually spelled heute. Or ser is actually sehr. Or that Deusch is actually Deutsch. hahah whoops!
Thanks again to everyone who sent me packages! I seriously have been throwing food at people because I have so much! But thank you! Arkell family those cookies were so great! Made my day:)
So Elder Neil L. Anderson came on Tuesday, our 2nd apostle since we've been here. It was a broadcast to all the other MTCs in the world and I was in the choir on the camera! We really have lucked out! He spoke about how Missionary work is not complex, but it's not easy. Which I can totally relate to. The Gospel is simple but trying to help others understand that is hard. He shared the scripture Jeremiah 16:16 :
 Behold, will send for many fisherssaith the Lord,and they shall fish them; and after will send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them  from every mountain,and from  every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.
and compared it to missionary work. Sometimes people with come up to you looking for the gospel (like fish do to nets) and other times you need to really search for them (hunters). Europe is definitely a hunting mission. But Elder Anderson said that there will always be people there waiting to here the Gospel and that you shouldn't ever give up because God has prepared certain people for you. I have never doubted that I would find people, but it was a good reassurance of my beliefs.
Sad thing, we had our last exercise day on Fritag and parting from Volleyball was one of the hardest things ever.  I hope I will be able to play in Germany! Also really sad on Fritag, we said goodbye to our teacher. He moves to Ohio today and we all started crying. He really helped us out with learning German and most importantly understanding what we can do to better help others strengthen their relationship with Gott. We were his last district. He's been here for 4 years. Which is crazy! He also gave us the whole history of the Book of Mormon lesson, as seen in the picture of the chalkboard and it was so cool to see how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work hand in hand. 

The MTC has been a really big help and I'm grateful that I got to be here 6 weeks, even though I almost threw up several times from the food:) But I have come to know even more so than I did before how much Heavenly Father loves me and loves everyone and that sometimes I think I can do things on my own when in reality I can't without His help. I know that Jesus Christ suffered the Atonement for me and that every hard thing I go through, especially out here, He has been through it too. I've needed to rely on Him to lift me up because if I didn't I wouldn't be as confident and reassured that going to Germany was the best thing for me. I know that this Church is true and if I can help at least one person know that, I will be beyond happy. I'm out here on a mission because I want others to know what I know and that is that they can return one day to their Father in Heaven and be able to know the love He and Christ have for them.
Last but not least, Shout out to the newly married KJ and Seattle Harrison! I'm so sad that I couldn't be there for the wedding. But I love you sis,... and KJ.. I guess I can love you too:)

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