Monday, August 22, 2016

Yeden tag

I made it through the hardest week of my life. Never been more tired, confused, angry, excited, happy, and all other emotions combined. Definitely got hit with culture shock and jet lag and wow. The language is definitely not what I learned in the MTC, so that was interesting. But even though it's difficult, it's a great learning experience and tries my faith yeden tag. So when we got here it was 8am Deutschland time and they had us stay up the whole day. Hahaha funniest  thing ever. We went street contacting and that was so fun. I passed out 5 das Busches Mormon and I got a potential investigator (I got his phone number and address) I was so hyped from no sleep. After that we watched videos and I had to stand to not sleep. 

My trainer is Sister Thurgood! She's from Tenessee and she's only been out 12 weeks and yet her German is so good! Such a great example to me! My area is Dortmund!
But I have no time because my ipad didn't work and stuff but more to come next week!
Love you All!
Sister Farner

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