Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mein Meiterbieter


First 3 days have been the most fun and difficult days of meine life! But I have never felt the Spirit so strong for so long until I got here. The first day our teacher rallied off at us in Deutsch and I almost cried hahaha but God for sure helped me get through the day.
Mein Meiterbieter ist Sister Yeck! She's from Highland Utah and is 6'0" so she keeps up with my fast walking, but sometimes I have to keep up with her. We haven't argued yet which has been gut and luckily she took a few years of Deutsch in High School so we have something to build off on.
My district is AWESOME! Everyone in it is going to Frankfurt. There are 8 people total. Elder Hughes (our DL) and ELder Dutson, Elder Wright and Elder Rothwell, and Sister Jackson and Sister Shelley (They basically are fluent in German). Elder Wright and I have the same problem with speaking Spanish instead of Deutsch and it's super funny. We will say ‘porque’ or ‘adios’ and look at each other and laugh. But I'm definitely understanding the majority of the things SIster Toma is teaching, she doesn't go too fast either. It's hard to respond though. The second day though she asked what a word meant and I said what it meant and my meitbeirter was like How did you know that!?! Obviously I didn't but I had help from on high. We taught our first Investigator yesterday and all I can do is laugh. It's frustrating to want to help someone so bad but not have the words to do so. But I have already grown to love Roland and want what is best for him. I just wish I could say it in Deutsch!!! But hey it’s only been 3 days so I'm not being too hard on myself. Even though we paused for 2 minutes at a time, I left being full of the Spirit and being happy. Being positive is what I have been working on this whole time because it isn't easy learning this language but I know I will one day be able to get it down by trusting in Gott.
I don't know why I listened to people when they said the MTC food is gut because it is disgusting. I run off of chocolate milche and fruit for the most part. We have pizza nacht every fritag (friday) and the line was soooo long! Hahah but it was final gut essen. The sisters in my district sit together at every meal but the Elders are non existent, I'm pretty sure they are avoiding us. One day we will all be freunden.
In our first Zone meeting with the Branch Presidency we each had to stand up and share stuff about ourselves, there are 45 people going to Deutschland, 18 to Frankfurt. When it came time for me to introduce myself I said ‘Hi I'm Addison’....The 1st counselor’s face was the funniest thing I ever saw because he was so shocked ahah I apologized and said ‘Sister Farner’. Everyone laughed, I have the worst time with that. Today during volleyball two elders introduced themselves to me and then I said ‘Hi I’m Elder.. I mean Sister Farner’. I can’t get it right! hahaha

Every week we are supposed to write a 3-5 minuten talk in Deutsch to give in Church on Saturday, an Elder and a Sister are picked at random over the podium each Sunday so ya. Gut thing no one understands Deutsch yet besides a few Elders and Sisters.
Oh ya we aren’t referred to Schwester because the Catholic Nuns are called that.

Sister Johnson, my lovely cousin, called me a little fat grandma in Deutsch and it really hurt my feelings haha her meiterbeiter is fluent so I asked her what I could call her back and she said to call her a demon child in Deutsch ( I don’t know how to spell it). So I did. Hahaha she was stumped. Sister Johnson is in the room right next to me. So we get to see each other but not too much.
I'm happy to be here and happy to be able to learn the Celestial language. Ich danke der fur meine HImmlischer Vater and the liebe He habe fur me. Praying in Deutsch is awesome and I can do it for the most part without notes! The Gift of Tongues is real like everyone has said it is. You don't really get that until you are out here trying to lerne ein foreign language.

I could go on fur ever but the last thing that the MTC president wife said was "Little growth occurs in a comfort zone and there is little comfort in a growth zone

Liebe and miss you all!

Sister Farner

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