Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wie sagt man ich liebe dich auf amerikanisch?

Hallo Leute!
I'd like to start this email of with a big congrats to my little brother, Hollan, on being called to serve in the Marshall Island Marujo mission!! AHH! So excited for him:)

If you were wondering what my subject line means..haha we were in a Döner laden and the man behind the counter asked how to say I love you in American and we said I love you and he said no that's English, what about american and we said it's the same language hahah he was super

This week was awesome! Lots of goodbyes said...nothing official but I may be leaving Dortmund on Tuesday and so I've had a lot of last appointments with members and investigators. I am kind of in denial and I think I'm staying but like Elder Bednar said, we are called to serve a mission and assigned to an area. So I'm excited to serve the people in wherever place He wants me to go:)

Yesterday we had an amazing lesson with our investigator, Freddy, he's been investigating for a year! Annnnnd we set a baptismal date with him! He knows the church is true but has always felt like he wasn't ready or good enough to be baptized and so we talked about repentance and how baptism is the gate that opens us to more blessings and happiness. He didn't know who Christ was before he met with the missionaries but has been able to strengthen his faith more and more as we meet, as he
reads in the scriptures and as he comes to church. We asked him to be baptized at the end of our lesson and he said that he would maybe but he didn't we decided to pray to see if he should be baptized on the 27th of Mai and after I finished the prayer he said nothing, just pulled his phone out and went right to the 27th and made an appointment that said "Taufe"!!! Seriously so cool! After 8 months of working with him and helping him build the faith he made the decision to be baptized on a specific date! So happy for him:)

Miracles are happening here in Dortmund! I'm so happy to serve here! I've learned so much about how important it is to know Christ and to trust in Him. I'm thankful for everything He does for me and that He overcame death so that we could too! He lives! Have an amazing Easter!

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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