Thursday, April 6, 2017

I'm halfway there ohhhhOH! Living on a prayer!!

Hallo Leute,

Yep today's my halfway mark!!! Ah! I was in the store buying food and living on a prayer comes on as we are shopping and I'm like, of course. So I had to put it as my title ahah just don't know how one writes that..
GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD! My mind got blown so many times and Sister Williams and I had to pause it, run into the other room, get chocolate, eat the chocolate, run back and play it again. How blessed we are to hear from the Prophet and other leaders of the Church inspired by God!! I want to watch it so many more times!

I was super excited to go speak to people after and I think it was Elder Renlund who talked about following the first prompting of the Holy Ghost and I took that to heart. We were standing in a bahn and I saw a seat open across this woman who seemed a little intimidating, but remembering his words, I acted on the prompting and sat across from her and started talking to her about faith and she said that she honestly wasn't interested in faith or anything and didn't want to talk anymore about it. I was a tad disappointed, but noticed a girl sitting across the aisle and knew I was supposed to talk to her but didn't know how to since I just spoke to the lady in front of me and thought it be awkward to do so. So I complimented her shoes. They were cute Nikes! But Sis Williams came and sat across from her and asked where she was headed to but didn't know what else to say..and our stop was next and as we got off she came up to me and asked me where I was from(that accent:)) and I told her America and then we started talking and she was interested in meeting with us! We exchanged phone numbers and we are going to meet with her soon! If I hadn't talked to the woman across from me, then she probably wouldn't have heard my accent and then wouldn't have asked me about it and then wouldn't have had the opportunity right then to meet us! Mind blown! Amazing how things turn out in a way you never expected. God is a God of miracles that you would never think of! So cool!

I had ice cream today and was meant to celebrate my 9 month mark, but it just made me sad...where does the time go???

I love my mission! Today is a special day! The day our church was restored! The day of Christ's birth! I can celebrate those two things! :)

Ran out of time..maybe next week I will share more of my ideas of Conference!! I just have so many thoughts..!'

Liebe Grüße

Sister Farner

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