Thursday, March 2, 2017

bis später

Hallo Leute!
Ja this week...
Monday we went to Frankfurt to get Sister K's Visa and well ja haha our train was detoured another hour so we were on it for 3 hours going along the Rhein river and wow Germany is beautiful! There are a lot of little Dorfs in the hills by the river and ah I love this place! When we got to Frankfurt we went to the American consulate where I sat outside as sis K entered into Amerika. I'm not totally positive if I was on American soil but I heard a lot of English coming from Amerikan people and it weirded me out...I was like wait. I'm in Germany! Who are these people? Haha needless to say I was happy to leave. But ja Sis K got her Visa! And no. She may be leaving next week for Amerika and we both are really sad about it:( But hey my friends living in Utah, you can say hi to her on Temple Square in like 2 months!!

We met with Hannah on Friday and wow she is awesome! She's around our age and really wants to follow Christ. She asked us if her baptism is still valid that she had when she was 3 and we said no because the authority wasn't there and she said well then I need to get baptized again then right? We were like uhhh Ja!! Sis K extends a baptismal date on April 8th and she said yes! She really wants to become more like Christ and to serve others like He did and knows that by being baptized she can be free from her guilt and follow the Savior. Then we found out that she doesn't live in our area...and now the Hamm sisters will be teaching her. It kind of crushed us because we found her and have taught her a few times and she is progressing so much and we want to be there every step for her. She's so cool and one of our really good friends. But we know the Hamm sisters will help her out! Ah so excited for her!!!:)
Today we washed dishes in a bath tub at a less actives house for an hour and a half. Her sink was broken haha and boy what a stack of dishes...let's just say we almost threw up a couple of times because of the smell but it was fun! I love service! We have washed so many dishes, Dad you would be proud:) I've made up for all the times I haven't cleaned my dishes...

Anyway Dortmund is great. The people are wonderful. The church is true. I love being a missionary and bis später!
Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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