Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dortmund ist meine zweite Heimat

Hallo Leute!
Lots of change this week! Sister Kleiner's visa didn't come so she got sent to Darmstadt and I'm still in Dortmund for my 6th transfer! Aw..I'm so happy I'm still here I love this place so much and there are so many wonderful people we are working with I'm thankful that God let me stay a little bit longer!

I got called as an STL(Sister Training Leader) which means I will be going on splits with all the sisters in our zone and helping them out! I'm super excited:) I miss Sister Kleiner a lot!
But I got an awesome new companion too, so I can't complain. Sister Williams is my new companion and she's from Texas, she's super chill and such an amazing missionary! I've already learned so much from her. She has been out for a year!
Goodbye Sister Kleiner
Hello Sister Williams
I received some sad news about one of my friends who passed away this week. Christine was such a nice person and super funny too! I have great memories of her in Young Woman's and my love goes out to her families and friends. It really struck me how unpredictable life is and how short it is.
We've been talking to people a lot this week about the Plan of Salvation and what a wonderful plan it is! My good friend Richard is preparing to be baptized in the beginning of April and we were talking to him and his friend about the Plan of Salvation. We told him about the celestial kingdom and compared it to this nice big beautiful and delicious cake. He told us he wants to eat that cake haha but his friend was like, well I think I'd be fine in the Terrestrial kingdom with Christ. Then Richard told him "I want to eat my cake beside you in the celestial kingdom, not give you the scraps in the terrestrial" hahah..I died laughing. True any of the kingdoms are great but we all want to be with God and with Christ not just with one. It really made me so excited for Richard! He loves the Plan of Salvation and that he can see his mom again! And it really is such a beautiful plan and a happy plan and when we lose our loved ones so soon we have the knowledge that we can see them again! How great is that!? Sure we need to wait some time. But we will have the opportunity to see them! I know that!
There's been lots of change in our district too and we got two new Elders, Elder Lewis from Orten and Elder Williams(yes another Williams) from Australia! They are both awesome! So excited for this next Transfer and to helping people come closer to Christ! Plus the sun is out and I don't have to wear tights or boots anymore so I'm a pretty happy missionary!

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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