Thursday, February 9, 2017

Die warm Dinge ist kaput

Hallo Leute!
Been a long time since the last time I wrote (10 days). So much has happened I don't know where to even begin. I guess I will explain my title for this email. That is not correct German but a sister said that to the landlord in Frankfurt when her heater was broken and I thought it was funny haha. Oh ya and our heater was broken for a week and it's a water heater which also serves as the house heater too. So we took showers by dunking our head in a pot of boiled water. We could've been worse off for sure, but I found it hilarious how I welcomed my new missionary to Dortmund with a cold house and cold shower.
Luckily she was a good sport about it:) Ya so Sister Kleiner is the best! Headed down on Tuesday to pick her up in Frankfurt and get a little training on being a trainer. She was the only sister which meant during the training for the trainers I was the only sister in the room with 8 Elders. It was funny because Elder Jones would say "elders and sister". But ya so it goes. Sister Kleiner is from Stuttgart which is southern Germany for you people that don't know(I didn't know). She speaks pretty good English but we usually speak German until 9pm and my brain is so messed up now. Both languages are smushed together and boy is it fun..
IGOT PACKAGES! Thanks Fam for the dresses I wore them all multiple times this week...and thanks Hunter Family for the sweets! My comp had her first hi-chews, cheez it's and apple with peanut butter this week...crazy!!

It is seriously the coolest thing having a German companion. We compare cultures so often and laugh. How weird is it that Germans listen to music in English, a foreign language and don't understand the words. Like what? She asked me how it is listening to music in my native language.
Cool thing, yesterday we decided to go to Innenstadt to do some contacting and we talked to one guy and asked him what made him happy and he said family and we then talked about our church and how families are important and then he told us that he reads he bible when he is sad and we were like cool! We have the Book of Mormon that we also read when we are sad and asked if we could exchange numbers to talk to him about it and he said "Ja klar!" Which basically means 'no duh' hahaha. Some people are just ready, ya know?
It's so cool to be able to come in contact with those God has prepared for us. I know He listens to our prayers and knows the desires of our hearts and leads us to those who need to here the message the most at this time. I've definitely received lots of help this week and I'm blessed to have such a mission-ready companion who knows why she is here! What else can I ask for? She makes training so much easier! Oh did I mention that she is like 5'0"? Haha
Sorry this email is so short...we may have scheduled a few appointments today forgetting it was pday...,whoops

Liebe Grüße
Sister Farner

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