Monday, December 19, 2016

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Hallo Leute!

Okay I'm done freaking out, not really. Haha like I've said in basically all of my other letters home, this week went by soooo fast. I don't know where to start because so many cool things happened!

Okay ummm cool story! So we have been working on putting all the records into our iPads and we found a few people we wanted to go by on and we made an appointment with one of them. We get to her house, no answer. We then decide to go to the other man’s home and he answered the door and wanted us to come in, but we couldn't because no one else was there. But he was super excited to see us and he told us he had just looked at our card this morning...he hasn't had missionaries over in a year and a half...and he still had the card and looked at the card that same day we stopped by! We have a lesson with him this Wednesday and I'm so excited! Heavenly Father knows who is ready and has it all timed out perfectly, we just need to recognize the spiritual promptings he gives us! 

That was awesome we also had the Weihnachts feiern for our ward on Saturday! Ah I love the members so much! It was actually not too different from the ones in America, there was the nativity reenactment by the kids and santa came after. I think the biggest change was it was all in German! Haha and there really wasn't that much food. We ate after the program but it was just Brötchen with cheese or meat on top. Very German. Basically like eating a sandwich without the top piece of bread hahaha. We stayed after to clean up and set up for Lisa's baptism the next day!

The day of the baptism! Ah! Lisa is so adorable! She's like half the size of me. The guy who baptized her was a missionary here back in 2012 and was companions with my MTC teacher in Dortmund! Wild. His wife also served here too! Also my grandma (my trainer’s trainer), Sister Van Vleet came for a bit! So ya a lot of old missionaries there! Lisa bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and wow. She's like 5 years younger than me but I feel like she's the example! But ya she's the best:)
I hope you all enjoy this Christmas! It truly is a special time to be with family and to reflect on the birth of Christ and what that event means to yourself and to all those around you. I'm grateful to be serving during this time and representing Christ. Helping others gain a relationship with Him has truly been a blessing and in turn I've been able to strengthen my relationship with Him in ways I wouldn't been able to if I wasn't here. I know that Christ is the Son of God, I know that He was born of Mary in a humble setting and is the light of the World. His birth changed everything. It fulfilled prophecies and gave hope! 

Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Liebe Grüße 
Sister Farner

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