Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hallo Leute,
I'm so sorry about last week, I wrote a wonderful email, pictures included and it didn't send somehow and it also vanished so apparently what I said in it wasn't too important haha. 
I did say Happy Mother's Day to my mom:) She's the best mom in the world! Don't know what I do without her, but honestly, she taught me like everything! 'Twas good to Skype the family! Can't believe Hollan leaves in less than a month bah!
 The week before last I don't really remember what happened. We did have zone conference and we gave our two presentations which went really well, I prayed a ton and so it wasn't too stressful the day of ,,, #prayerworks.
I also do remember that we went to Köln(cologne) for pday with some of the Sisters and climbed like a bagillion steps in the köln dom! We also ate Mexican döner before, not a good idea...haha but they tasted great.
Köln Dom!
View from the Dom
Essen sisters
This week...we had interviews with president and it's weird to think he's going home in a month and we'll be getting a new mission president!! President Stoddard and Sister Stoddard shared their words of wisdom which I find pretty profound. They are:
  • attitude is everything
  • Prayer works
  • Obedience brings blessings
  • We are agents not objects
Things I'm working on understanding and applying! He and his wife are truly wonderful people and are the definition of spiritual giants!
So ya I was in a police station for an hour on Tuesday:) My wallet got stolen so I went to report it and it was a pretty thorough interview that left my head spinning after. It was pretty cool to be honest and even though there was a lot of words that I didn't understand we got the report finished! I was on a split with Sister Baker that day and she was a pal and sat outside for an hour as I did that. Naja life of a missionary for ja. You never know what you're going to face.
Sister Baker and I 
I went on a split with Sister Weiler and she wasn't feeling too well but worked regardless of it and talked to a guy even though she was about to hurl and ended up getting his contact info and setting up an appointment! She said right after "God better bless us because of that" hahah and he did. The guy she talked to, Kevin, has a baptismal date now! We met with him and he told us that everything just makes sense! And in his closing prayer he said "thanks for convincing me that this church is true!" Whaaat?!? Man I'm surprised everyday by the people here! They teach me so much
Another man we met with, Issa(means Jesus in Arabic) told us he knows he needs to make a change in his life and meeting with us has helped up put one foot in the right direction. He believes Christ is a Prophet so that means he doesn't believe in the Atonement. But as we showed him the Prince of Peace video, he started crying and point to the screen and said "that's correct, that's correct, that's correct!" Woah.  He felt the spirit and told us that his heart felt like it was coming out of his chest and that he knew Christ is there! Ah! So cool! Christ changes people! 
There are countless stories from this week I could share but it'd take a bit and I'm a lazy writer but I guess I just want to say this Church is true! Christ gives use the strength peace we need to push through the hard times. He's the only one that brings us lasting joy! 
Liebe Grüsse,
Sister Farner

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